Who is Kuroneko

Name / Masaru
Sex / Man
Blood type / B
Birthday / September 10th
Birthplace / Tokyo
Address / Tokyo
Favorite food / seafood, hot milk and hot chocolate (coco)
Hated food / fermented soybeans (natto)

Kuroneko's History

When I was 7, I was enchanted to the world of magic and started to learn magic by myself. I read many lecture books and practiced it madly.
When I was 9, I performed magic for the first time in public and got applause with my performing coin magic and dice magic.
When I was university student, I worked part-time for three years as a bartender and a pro magician.
I have acquired many experiences at Year end party, New Year's party, birthday party, Halloween party, and Christmas party ever since.
And now...

Message from Kuroneko

Hello! I'm wizard "black cat".
Nickname, "black cat" has been named because it means "bad luck".
I want to provide the mysterious world where the reality is exceeded and might deliver the evil world where even the mysterious world is exceeded at times. I selected existence of black cat from such a desire.
Please feel and experience the mysterious world as much as possible when you meet me.

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